Reception hours

Reception hours

Applications and documents are accepted during all working hours. Registration in advance by phone is mandatory – 8 5 2337 637

For consultations, please call: 8 5 2779090

I − IV 7:00–16:00

V 7:00–14:45

On the eve of public holidays, working hours shall be reduced by one hour;

Our specialists provide consultations to residents by phone or by appointments booked in advance

I  12:00-15:30

II  7:00-15:30

III not available

IV 7:00-11:15

V not available

LUNCH BREAK 11:15 – 12:00


Phone: 19118 ; 8 5 277 9090

You can register by calling: 8 5 2337 637

If you are disabled, submission of prior notice or calling our company in advance to inform us about your visit would enable us to facilitate and accelerate the services provided to you. If necessary, the company’s employees can come directly to the location if the disabled person at a pre-arranged time, in order to provide consultations, help fill out any relevant applications and submit them afterwards for registration in the company. Please note that all applications, inquiries and documents can be submitted via the general e-mail or at Counter No 4 of the One-Stop Division under the Customer Service Department of the Vilnius City Municipality Administration, which is intended for persons applying or inquiring on social or health related matters.