If you wish to refuse and transfer the facilities rented to you by the Vilnius city municipality, you must contact the municipal enterprise “Vilniaus miesto būstas” (Vilnius City Housing) located at the address Švitrigailos str. 7, Vilnius, Room 10, and fill out an application in the prescribed form.

A responsible specialist shall contact the tenant and agree on a mutually convenient date for signing the deed of transfer and acceptance, and shall come take over the facilities at the agreed time.

Please note that the facilities must be vacated, clean and free of personal belongings during their transfer. Otherwise, invoices for the cleaning of the facilities will be issued to the former tenants. The transferred facilities must also comply with the data of the cadastral measurement file of the object (layout, amenities, etc.). Otherwise, all invoices related to the restoration of the original condition or the legalization of reconstruction of the transferred facilities will be issued to their former tenants.

Application form