In order to submit applications for repair works, it is proposed to contact the Housing Maintenance Division (Room 13) of the municipal enterprise “Vilniaus miesto būstas” (Vilnius City Housing) (Švitrigailos str. 7, Vilnius) and provide the following documents:

An application for the repair of housing owned by Vilnius city municipality.

  • Certificates from companies and/or organizations providing utilities and other related services (if any) on the paid fees for the provided utilities and other related services (Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius AB (electricity and gas supply) at the address Viršuliškių str. 34, Vilnius; Vilniaus Vandenys UAB at the address Spaudos str. 8, Vilnius; Vilniaus Šilumos Tinklai AB, Smolensko str. 12, Vilnius; building administration company);
  • When examining issues related to the overhaul or reconstruction of housing owned by the Vilnius city municipality, or its connection to the city’s water supply, sewerage and gas pipeline systems, and/or other related works, regarding the approval or disapproval of the planned works. The applicant must provide the following documents:
  • Application of the owner of the facilities;
  • Copy of the document verifying the right to real property (extract from the Real Property Register);
  • Complete copy of the project and an explanatory note with comments;
  • Certificate of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture (if the object is included in the Cultural Heritage Register or is located in the area of cultural heritage or in a protected area);
  • Consent (approval) of the company (association) administering the building regarding the planned works;
  • If the project is related to water supply, it is necessary to provide a copy of the technical conditions issued by Vilniaus Vandenys UAB.

Upon receipt of all the required documents, if necessary, this matter shall be coordinated with the Urban Development, City Maintenance and Transport Departments of the Vilnius City Municipality Administration.

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