Municipal company “Vilniaus miesto būstas” (Vilnius City Housing) was established on 28 May 2008 under Resolution No 1-474 of Vilnius City Municipality Council after the restructuring of UAB Bendruva. Today, the company administers over 3 500 property units owned by Vilnius city municipality on a fiduciary basis.



Service cars of the municipality company "Vilniaus miesto būstas"
Eilės Nr. Automobilis Valst. Nr.
1 Seat Ibiza LFD365
2 Seat Ibiza LFD366
3 Seat Ibiza LFD367
4 Seat Ibiza LFD368
5 Seat Ibiza LFD369
6 VW Polo KDV928
7 VW Caddy KDU872
8 Seat Ibiza LHM650
9 Fiat Punto GBP369

Main activities of the company:

  1. Administration of residential and non-residential facilities of Vilnius city municipality intended to be used by residents as auxiliary facilities.
  2. Organization of state assistance to Vilnius city residents for the acquisition of residential properties.
  3. Organization of accommodation in social housing and other residential facilities.
  4. Organization of implementation of the provisions of the social housing development programme.
  5. Organization of the sale of municipal housing and auxiliary buildings.

The mission of the municipal company “Vilniaus miesto būstas” (Vilnius City Housing) is to provide prompt and socially correct assistance for the rent of housing to socially vulnerable persons and to efficiently administer and maintain the residential and non-residential facilities entrusted to the Vilnius city municipality company.

The vision of the municipal company “Vilniaus miesto būstas” (Vilnius City Housing) is to become an advanced, modern company that meets the requirements of Vilnius city municipality and today’s modern society, and is able to ensure the interests of all those who wish to receive assistance for the rent of housing.

The priority direction of the company in 2016–2020 is to ensure the provision of high quality social services in accordance with the principles of equality, social justice, efficiency and effectiveness. The company’s strategic goals:

  •     Effectively administered queues for social housing.
  •     Prompt provision and administration of assistance for acquisition or rent of housing.
  •     Further development of social housing.
  •     Effective administration of social and municipal housing.
  •     Timely maintenance of social and municipal housing.
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Declaration of expectations of Vilnius City Municipality for the company SĮ “Vilniaus miesto būstas”